What is Data Management?

Beau Whately

Managed IT Services

Data management is the housekeeping associated with ensuring you have reliable access to your data and processes to maintain your data. It is the practice of organising and maintaining data processes to meet its ongoing life-cycle needs.

Among other things, data management controls how data should be accessed, by whom, and when data should be discarded. It also manages the protection of the data against potential threats. Data is most often stored in a file system or database where it can be effectively managed.

Total Security Strategies

Most companies view data as a corporate asset and place emphasis on data-related responsibilities within their company. The effective management of corporate data has grown in importance in recent years, while the sheer volume of data to be managed by organisations has increased markedly.

Torque IT are specialists in setting up and maintaining data management strategies for Perth companies of all sizes. When coupled with Torque IT’s reliability, performance, security, backup solutions and dedicated IT support, data management within your company operate at its peak efficiency allowing you to focus on running your business.

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