Empowering Your Team with Microsoft Teams

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Empowering your team with

Microsoft Teams

With people nowadays spread between home and work, fostering a virtual connection is crucial to keep business running smoothly. Empower your team to stay flexible and connected using Microsoft Teams.

Empowering your team with Microsoft Teams

Embrace Online

Include an online link

to your meeting so everyone can be included, no matter where they are working.

Be mindful and inclusive

by frequently pausing to allow time for questions and reminding attendees they can use the chat window to share their thoughts.

Stay Focused

Turn on video

so your team can feel more connected. Video helps keep everyone engaged and cuts down on multitasking, making the meeting more productive.

Blur your background

while presenting, especially if you have a busy background. Note: Background blurring might not prevent sensitive information behind you from being visible to other meeting participants.

Record the meeting

to capture video, audio, and screen-sharing so you can refer to the meeting or share it with people who couldn’t attend. Note: Be sure to inform meeting participants that you are recording.

Share Content

Share your screen

to show your desktop, a specific window, or a specific app so your team can follow along with your presentation. Use the Teams desktop app for the best sharing experience.

Collaborate on ideas

using Whiteboard. Draw, sketch, and write on a shared digital canvas.

Stay Connected

Make up for missed hallway talk

and be deliberate about connecting with coworkers. Set yourself reminders to check in with people regularly.

Bring the team together

through opportunities where the whole team can get connected. Maybe it’s a brainstorm, a daily check-in, or even a virtual coffee. Help ensure that your team doesn’t feel isolated.

Have fun!

Encourage fun activities and challenges to maintain morale. You can hold a photo contest or praise team members for creative ideas. Help your team stay positive, engaged, and energised.

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