Magic Studios – Implementation of Cloud Storage Solution

Chris Rinaldi


Magic Studios approached Torque IT for replacement of an ageing server network. Torque IT investigated the underlying needs of Magic Studios and discovered a reduced cost, flexible solution.

Project Scope

  • Removal and disposal of ageing server systems
  • Reduce costs of network file sharing systems
  • Relocation of network file sharing to cloud platform
  • Multiple levels of access to files based on user permissions
  • Reduce risk of data loss
  • Improve security of data

Solutions Provided

Torque IT facilitated the transition from a traditional networked server system to a cloud-based file system with Dropbox.

The new solution involved securely disposing of the ageing server infrastructure and transferring all files to the new solution.

Cloud-based file storage has been supplemented by sharing files throughout the office network, allowing instant access to large files without the delay of upload and download to the cloud.

Project Benefits

Torque IT was able to reduce overall costs for Magic Studios’ by switching to a cloud-based solution, and by licencing per job role, instead of per user.

Magic Studios is now able to access their files securely from any location allowing for more flexible business operations.

The risk of data loss has been greatly reduced by storing files in the cloud with Dropbox and on local computers, resulting in multiple levels of redundancy.

Project Outcomes

Torque IT investigated the needs and requirements for Magic Studios, identifying areas for improvement and facilitating the transition to new solutions that resulted in reduced costs, reduced maintenance requirements, reduced risk of data loss and increased security.

Client Feedback

“Torque IT created a solution tailored to the needs and budget of Magic Studios, with a planned reduction in costs and expansion of services to where we wanted to be.”
– Jason Berard, Magic Studios


Chris Rinaldi
Business Manager

08 9329 3333
Unit 1, 20 Twickenham Road
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Case Study – Implementation of Cloud Storage Solution

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