Annoyed with Spam? The Solution

Chris Rinaldi

The majority of phishing attacks use email to exploit weaknesses in your computer systems; which is most often the human component. How do we minimise that risk? I’m a firm believer in reducing spam and junk email to as close to zero as possible.

Annoyed with Spam? The Solution

Flooded with unwanted emails

One of my recent clients went from reviewing their inbox for two hours every morning just to sort the spam from the legitimate emails. It had just crept up slowly over the years and before he knew it, with the majority of his email inbox every morning being unwanted emails; amounting to two hours per day of his time. My client was more than happy when I was able to reduce his morning email routine from two hours down to 15 minutes, with less than 10% unwanted emails.

Another of my clients exclusively conducted business within Australia, so I was able to block email from several specific “high risk” countries. The amount of spam dropped significantly.

Annoyed with Spam? The Solution

Spammers impersonating someone you know

Last week one of my clients began receiving emails seemingly from the director, John Doe (name has been changed), to buy iTunes gift cards on his behalf for a customer. The client was using Office 365 with two-factor authentication enabled, making the email account quite secure.

As it turns out the sender had relied on the fact that mobile devices don’t show the email address by default and structured the email so that it appeared to have come from director John Doe; which of course it wasn’t.

After identifying the method used, we implemented email security measures to prevent external emails which impersonated director John Doe from reaching internal mailboxes, unless from a trusted source. We extended this security measure to all relevant staff members.

Annoyed with Spam? The Solution

The solution?

In the above cases we identified options to improve spam and phishing detection to reduce risk and impact to the business. Email security is not a ‘set and forget’ solution and should be regularly reviewed to get the most value out of the solution you are using.

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