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Virtual connections are crucial to keep business running smoothly. Empower your team to stay flexible and connected using Microsoft Teams.

Torque IT is open and operating as usual to ensure our essential services to your business continue throughout this Covid-19 pandemic.

The majority of phishing attacks use email to exploit weaknesses in your computer systems. How do we minimise that risk?

Many businesses today have or will suffer a security breach in the near future. So how do you protect your business?

With cloud, one size does not fit all but there are some common reasons our clients have made the decision in moving to the cloud.

As of March 2019, Microsoft To-Do will become part of the exchange online licence. What use will you have for this application?

A look at Office 365's common features, its suiability for your business and whether the costs are worth it.

Each business I’ve spoken with has different viewpoints about data backups, but all businesses ask one particular question.

An independent infrastructure review to identify areas of sub-optimal performance, security, user interaction and infrastructure.

Have you ever used the same or similar password to access more than one system? Most of us have; both for work and personal accounts. That’s a problem!

Ventura Home Group needed a solution for managing passwords that felt second nature for its staff to use while keeping data secure.

Torque IT provided IT consulting services to Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority for the Elizabeth Quay project

What is two-factor authentication? This video explains what it is, how it works and how it can benefit your business.

Investigating shared calendar solutions to reduce cost of server resources and suitable for the mobility requirements of the client.

Investigating potential issues with backups and security, improving the system & maintaining with periodic tests and alerts.

Torque IT migrated the file storage system to OneDrive which provided users with remote access and secure off-site backups.

An investigation a wireless access system and implementation of an improved system that increased usability while also increasing security.

Replacement of ageing servers by planning and installing new servers built to handle specialised software and data.

Torque IT investigated the underlying needs of Magic Studios and discovered a reduced cost, flexible solution.

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