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Strategically planning to combat the ever looming potential for data loss and productivity standstill

Torque IT takes action to ensure your data integrity is maintained with scalable and up to date backup solutions.

Backup Solutions for Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

We use proven disaster recovery tactics, routinely testing and restoring backup files to ensure that your data is not only backed up, but recoverable.

Systems Availability

Our team work with you to set out an action plan, specific to your needs, and also to ensure that your system availability remains second to none.

Safeguards Reduce Data Loss


Our team are proactive about setting up safeguards, thus ensuring that potential causes for data loss and breaches are brought to an absolute minimum.

Talk to us today to learn more about how our backup solutions can help ensure continuity in your business in addition to reducing costs.

Answer a few questions about your disaster recovery and backup strategies. Our data risk assessment tool will let you know how risky your strategies are.

Secure Cloud Backups

Using the cloud for backups is popular among all business types and sizes, since it provides flexible and reliable backup solutions.

  • Flexible to Your Requirements
  • Cost Effective Solutions
  • Little to No Capital Expense
  • Access Anywhere
  • Peace of Mind

Cloud Backup Solutions Perth

Portable Hard Drive Backups

We can implement portable hard drives to create backup solutions that are readily available and also can be restored quicker when the need arises.

  • Seamless Integration
  • Backup Critical Systems & Data
  • Prompt Restoration
  • Preemptive Strategies
  • Peace of Mind

Portable Hard Drive Backup Soluions Perth

Tapes & Traditional Backups

Tapes and traditional backup solutions are a tried and proven method for protecting you from loss of data and also from excessive downtime.

  • Proven Backup Solutions
  • Reliable Data Loss Prevention
  • Backup Large Volumes of Data
  • Data Recovery Strategies
  • Peace of Mind

Traditional Backup Solutions Perth

Mixed Media Backups

There is no one solution that fits all scenarios, but we have the skilled advisors to explore multiple backup options for a solution optimised for your needs.

  • Multiple Backup Solutions
  • Multifaceted Contingency Plan
  • Reliable Data Loss Prevention
  • Data Recovery Strategies
  • Peace of Mind

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