Managed IT
to Conquer Downtime

Downtime is lost money. Torque IT helps you reduce downtime & increase ROI.

Managed IT

With the right strategies, your IT systems will experience reduced downtime and cost you less.

How serious professionals secure their data.

Dollar-Cost of Downtime

True downtime costs include loss of staff productivity, loss in production of goods, number of hours devoted to rescheduling, the unexpected costs of repairing equipment, time spent satisfying customers and damage to reputation.

Downtime should always be calculated into a dollar figure, so that you can plan for and reduce the effects of downtime. Your business won’t benefit from unexpected costs.

Torque IT will assist you in calculating the cost of your downtime strategy and that of alternative strategies, empowering you to take control of which strategy is right for your business.

Control My Downtime

Risk Audit

How will losing your IT systems or data affect the running of your business? Most businesses would be severely impacted.

A risk audit is the fastest and most effective step you can take to reduce downtime and potential loss of data in the future. By identifying risks, you’ll be able to proactively establish recovery plans to ensure your business will be back up and running at peak efficiency in the shortest time.

Torque IT will conduct a risk audit of your IT systems, enabling you to make educated decisions towards proactively reducing downtime and costs within your business.

Audit My Risk

Maintenance Schedule

Equipment can’t last forever, but a sound maintenance schedule will increase its life. The “we’ll just run it until it breaks” mentality will cost you more when you eventually need the maintenance.

Maintenance reduces the probability of failure or downtime, increases overall effectiveness and increases productivity. Proactive maintenance now will save on the more costly reactive maintenance later.

Torque IT will proactively maintain your IT systems, ensuring the risk of costly unexpected downtime is kept to a minimum.

Maintain My IT Systems

Backups & Testing

Backing up your data is just common sense to people in today’s world. If you lose your data, you have a backup right? But how do you know your backups are working and covering everything you need?

By testing your backups regularly, you make sure you will be able to recover your data from backups effectively and without missing something you thought was included in the backups.

Torque IT regularly perform backup and restore tests to ensure all data is backed up and recoverable, meaning you can be confident your downtime will be kept to a minimum when your systems need to be restored.

Test My Backups

Reduce Downtime

By adopting the right strategies and support, you’ll experience reduced downtime; freeing up capital and ultimately increasing your ROI.

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Managed IT services allow you to focus on running your business, rather than getting bogged down trying to run your technology.

On-Site or Off-Site

With managed IT services you have the option to have technicians on-site, knowing they will be supported by a team of system engineers and technicians should the need arise.

Full Support As Needed

Managed IT optimises your IT services by only utilising the required level of staff, but always available when needed.

Perth Based Team

All of our IT support staff are located in Perth, giving you the peace of mind knowing your help is never far away.

Reduce Expenses

Managed IT removes the need for an obsolete, expensive in-house IT support team, giving you the best support for the best price.

Specialised Skills

For larger issues, your IT support technician has specialty skilled colleagues to escalate issues to including System Engineers and Technical Directors.

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