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Enable Business Growth

Your business depends on technology. Torque IT unleashes its potential.

IT Consulting

With the right professional advice, your IT systems have the potential to enable growth in your business.

How IT consulting enables business growth.

Reduce Costs

With the overwhelming number of options available, its often difficult to discover the best and most cost effective solution for your business without professional advice.

Its likely there’s a more suitable solution for your business which will suit your needs and reduce operating costs.

Torque IT will identify and advise the most suitable solution for your business as part of our IT consulting.

Reduce My Costs

Improve Productivity

On average, underperforming technology accounts for almost 2 weeks’ worth of wasted wages per employee each year.

With access to the right technology, your employees will be better equipped to function productively as a team and as individuals.

Torque IT will identify underperforming technology in your business, provide you with an assessment report and advise solutions to improve productivity in your business.

Increase My Productivity

Reduce Downtime

Downtime is very dangerous for businesses; increasingly so as a business grows. The loss of data or IT functions can be detrimental, and has seen many businesses unable to recover.

Most successful businesses take a proactive approach to maintenance and data security by staying in control of their IT systems, ensuring business continuity through reduced downtime and establishing action plans for fast recovery when an unexpected failure occurs.

Torque IT will conduct a risk assessment and advise a suitable maintenance and recovery plan to ensure your downtime and risk to your business is kept to a minimum.

Reduce My Downtime

Automate Repetitive Tasks

A large portion of any business’ costs is associated with the manual handling of mundane, repetitive tasks.

Many of these repetitive tasks can actually be performed automatically by your IT systems; it just needs to be programmed. Automation has the potential to free up significant cashflow and enable growth in your business.

Torque IT can assess the tasks performed in your business and advise which tasks could be handled automatically by your IT systems.

Automate My Repetitive Tasks

Enable Business Growth

By speaking to a specialised IT consultant, you will be well informed to make the necessary decisions regarding your IT systems and IT budget, freeing up the time and money you need to enable growth of your business.

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Torque IT has a proven track record of business IT consulting, resulting in the best IT solutions for our clients’ needs and goals.

IT Audits

Torque IT will audit your current infrastructure to determine the areas that need improvement


Target Areas for Improvement

We target areas that you would like to see improvement, consulting with you on the best strategies to attain your goals.

Training & Support

We provide training and support for your business, reducing the friction between your staff and computing.

Best Solutions for Your Budget

When you specify a budget, we work with it, advising the best plan of action within your budget.

Independent Reviews

We conduct independent and unbiased reviews of your current in-house or managed IT services.

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