Dynamic IT Services

The Dynamic Services Team specialises in needs based relationships.
Our primary goal is to understand who you are and where you are going. We confirm what you want to achieve and to what scale.

We believe in a dynamic partnership, we provide innovative service at the level you require, not dictated by pre-determined plans or contracts. We let you identify the outcomes of your IT support and model ourselves to fit that requirement. We then review the benefit of a tailored service agreement to regulate and reduce monthly costs or proceed with Ad-hoc support, as chosen by you.

We pride ourselves that our outcome based consultations, solutions and planning and, while there are suppliers and technologies we partner with and recommend, we are not locked to any one brand for a solution.

Below are just some of the solutions we have implemented for our customers:


Chris Rinaldi
Business Manager – Dynamic IT Services

Chris Rinaldi leads the Dynamic Services Department. He has worked for over 10 years in the IT industry, with a majority of those working for Torque IT. Having worked from an IT technician to Business Manager, Chris values an effective and efficient solution, exceeding customer expectations and ensuring a resolution is not just a fix, but prevention of the same problem in the future.

Chris has 3x dedicated technicians and 1x IT coordinator who are, in turn, backed by an Engineering Team and the Special Projects Team.

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“The team at Torque IT have been providing quality support and innovative solutions to Ventura for many years. They have been an integral part in supporting our growth over that time. I consider them a trusted Technology Partner. Torque IT take the time to understand our business and play a key role in planning our technology roadmap. I highly recommend their services.”

Craig Purser Ventura Home Group - Chief Information Officer