Cloud Consulting

Is the Cloud any good for me?

There are so many services available on the Cloud it can sometimes be a struggle to work out how they all really apply to your business. This is where we can help.

Yes we know the technical mumbo jumbo and yes we love it, but we are also very good at explaining things in business terms. We can assist with cost modeling the pros and cons of Cloud services and how it will affect your cash flow. We can describe how a Cloud service can benefit your business operations as well as your corporate culture.

We can assist with a casual chat or an in-depth analysis relative to your business needs.

Cloud Consulting is a key part of the services offered under our Service Agreement.

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“The team at Torque IT have been providing quality support and innovative solutions to Ventura for many years. They have been an integral part in supporting our growth over that time. I consider them a trusted Technology Partner. Torque IT take the time to understand our business and play a key role in planning our technology roadmap. I highly recommend their services.”

Craig Purser Ventura Home Group - Chief Information Officer