Integrated IT Services

Business Integrated IT Services is the alignment of technology and business goals focusing on client needs, in conjunction with their immediate goals and their vision.  We are the trusted advisor to partners wanting expert advice, planning and implementation of strategies that ensure success.

The Integrated IT Services team has a broad range of skills and a depth of knowledge in the way partners want to operate, expand and improve their business processes.  Highly skilled in innovations geared for a return of investment for partners on new and challenging issues, supported with the input from a broad range of engineers and existing partner connections.

Integration strategies can be used to achieve many business goals and eliminate pain points within a company.  Three major areas we successfully advise on are:

  1. Personnel Integration – employees are an important asset within an organisation.  When you deeply understand what an employee values and how an employee communicates you can assist in increasing throughput and the standard of their output while heightening self-worth.
  2. Company Integration – knowing why and how a partner operates can assist in highlighting their point of difference in the vertical while advising on innovation and processes to achieve business goals,
  3. Data and Services Integration – is the process of bringing all services and data used within a partner’s network to seamlessly merge together to support and enhance their goals.

Integration IT Services uses the extensive network of existing Partners to develop and implement a number of business strategies.  We strive to communicate and advise Partners from a Trusted Advisor position grown on Professionalism, Expert knowledge, Immersion and Collaboration.

If you would like to discuss solutions which breaks down barriers, control processes, make business more efficient through innovation and development, talk directly to the Integrated IT Services.

I approached Torque IT because we were in need of an IT provider that was proactive and took the time to actually understand what we needed.

Having been recommended to us by another supplier, we met with Matt who took our problems on-board as if they were his own, the result was that those problems went away.
Torque IT provided us with information and solutions that assisted us in controlling our IT costs. I can now focus my energy into growing my business and achieving our company goals.

One thing I like about Torque IT is that they are always on top of what is going on in our business and they are always wanting to help us improve our efficiencies and evolve.
I found the experience to be effortless & beneficial and I would recommend Torque IT to any business that is wanting professional expertise.

Michelle Sibley Gate Civil - Business Manager